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PostSubject: OVUF DEMO STORY   Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:43 am


The OVoney Unlimited Forever Series
The Beginners era (October 18, 2043

Since the worlds leaders came together to ask for a leader that could lead them to a better path for survival after this devastating effects of world war 3, they appointed a 'soon to be great corporation'', The O'voneyian Corporation as there leading foundation for their future. The creator of the O'voneyian Corporation was named Jamerson Instieno Dixon, The O'voneyian Corporations main goal is to first unbound itself from the world economy and implant a new economy '' MEGECs'' this money was only produced on how much energy you could make, after it was generated, it was put into Energy Vorter micro Canisters(Energy Canisters). After a few years of implementation into the world(November 11, 2043-august 9, 2047), they immediately jumped into a few of the 30 goals that are listed below.

Goal 1# Superconductive Energy Covertive Nanites (Sucona)
This project would allow the very first creation of Artificial planets and immediate creations of any object.

Goal 2# AntiMASS Generators (AnGen)
These generators would allow matter to become sifherd into a antimatter Sigmented lane( a flat plain that keeps antimatter from destroying matter but giving the effect of loss of mass in matter.

Goal 3# The Vortex Project( Later known as the Sector Drive)
This Project was the testing of mutiversal travel, Lowering time and there presence by throwing the object into a transdensional state allowing them to go faster then FTL.

Goal 4# GENISIS SYSTEM (Later known as Knowledge)
This project was the digital documentation of every single thing that happened on Earth in a holographic form by scanning scrambled vibrations and energy scrambling, from past and present events.

Goal 5#The OMACO Project( Later known as The Armoration Research)
This project was first created to allow the building of the first robotic suits and support class civil protectors(Non-Military)

(Decided to not list the remaining alpha projects)


Goal 28# Project Forever: other known The Phasian Project
This project would allow the first humans to become immortal by the use of the Energy/Liquild phasirate( a complex element that merges with organic material to infinate its life span and also giving it limited control over matter for whom so ever processes it but can also effect mental stability, and elemental destabilization which are classed in levels the lowest is Dark Phasirite, the element can also be used as a fuel source for spaceships.

Goal 29# CRISTER 1/34A
This operation was used to spy on a somewhat advance alien race ( Cristiline Recondis)that was looking for a isolated place on earth to populate because of a terrible war that broke out on there home planet. O'voney designed the CHISTER Prototype( Sucona variant) to help with the home planet but out right refused to allow the race to relocate to earth, thankfully the race was helped by the O'voneyian corporation secretly, but to never participate in military actions. only to give the resources to allow them to stabilize their world.

All these events where with the time of September 1, 2047- Feberary 29, 2076.

As soon as more people joined in on the forever project that took place on 2 January 1, 2050,after countless animal testing, Jamerson being the first, his Old friend Adem Mckain being the second and Jamerson's Sister, Vera Setira Dixon being the third, all but one succeeded, sadly his sister, Vera didnt go as planned, a malfunction that caused the Phasirite Fuser to overload causing his sister to get 3.5% unstable amount of phasirate later causing her to become a dark C Class Phasirite. 2 years later Jamerson sinds her in the Proto-Sector Drive that will leave her stranded untew the Orayians find her.
As Jamerson felt regret because of his action, knowing he couldn't save her, around December 1 2076 he ordered the construction of the PDS EnterTrex( later known as the PDS EnterChise) in the hope of one day finding his sister but  fast foward to June 21, 2082 he new he couldn't find her since she is long gone across the mutiverse, but the world wasn't prepared to know what was going to happen next, the Terra systems sun was expanding at a massive rate giving the allusion the the solar system planets were burning up, As the world panicked O'voney was force to Create 230 PDS Savior Class ships to follow behind the  PDS EnterChrise to collect as much of the population as possible, all the world UN Leaders were located upon the PDS EnterChrise while the rest of the fleet had its designated leader emblem to understand which country they belonged to. Sadly the O'voneyian Corperation never new this was a trick made by the Orayians' a mass allusion, created to only lure them away so they can take over.

This Allusion lasted for 7059 Solar years...
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